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AL IBDAA REF. DEVICES & KITCHEN EQUIP has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing, marketing of kitchen equipments and refrigeration units and continue to remain as a leader in the food service industry and hospitality sector.
AL IBDAA REF. DEVICES & KITCHEN EQUIP is a leading brand in manufacturing, trading and maintenance of Kitchen, Bakery, Super- market appliances, has been serving the Middle East since 1991. With a proven record of twenty years of expertise in the industry, AL IBDAA has grown to become the best and biggest of its breed in the region. Equipped with highly sophisticated products, AL IBDAA'S evolving technology is with the latest marketing strategy to showcase the best at a competitive rate.
AL IBDAA REF. DEVICES & KITCHEN EQUIP was started by ALI AL-HALABI as enthused by the vision of the founder established in Lebanon in 1990 has started its operation in Sharjah, UAE in 2005. We have products from Italy, Spain, Turkey, China, Sweden, Germany, and Pakistan and other countries.

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